Utmost Group is a leading provider of insurance and savings solutions

Our Focus

Utmost Group provides insurance and savings solutions which assist our clients in securing their financial futures. Our mission is to build a brighter future for our clients by preserving their wealth.
Our Group was founded on the belief that all stakeholders are better served as part of an active and growing franchise. The provision of good customer outcomes remains front and centre of our strategy.

Our Strategy

Utmost Group operates in attractive markets in the UK and International insurance industry. The Group has a significant opportunity to continue its growth through new business and further acquisitions:

  • Utmost International – Our open business, Utmost International, has a leading market position in the International insurance industry. The business operates in attractive markets in the UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East providing insurance-based wealth solutions. We are focused on the organic growth of this business which we achieve by investing in our modern, flexible product range which delivers good customer outcomes and value for money, and the provision of excellent customer service

  • Utmost Life and Pensions – Utmost Life and Pensions is a closed UK life and pensions business. Our strategy is to capitalise on Utmost Life and Pension’s strong existing position in the UK market in order to complete acquisition-led growth
Our Ethos

Utmost Group is built on its strong guiding values which have seen us become a leading provider of insurance and savings solutions in the UK and international insurance markets since our inception in 2013. As a strongly capitalised, profitable business we are well positioned to build on our success and continue serving the needs of our customers and delivering strong, sustainable returns to our investors for the years to come.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

Our responsibility to our customers combines with a sense of responsibility in all our corporate actions to the environment, to our employees and to the wider society in which we operate in order to maximise the positive impacts we can create. As well as being an overall positive for society, this also makes business sense in keeping with our long-term vision. Our sustainability strategy reflects our ethos and is defined along four pillars, which are underpinned by policies and targets across the Group, recognising that sustainable business encompasses a range of topics.

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