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Russian Invasion of the Ukraine

03 March 2022

At this time all our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine. 

In respect of Utmost International, less than 1% of our over 210,000 customers are either Russian nationals or residents. These customers account for less than 0.5% of our over £55bn of client assets. 

In respect of Utmost Life and Pensions we have no discernible Russian national or resident clients. 

Utmost Group has no direct exposure to any Russian assets. Our policyholders have less than £200m of Russian assets or funds partially invested in Russia within their unit linked funds. 

Utmost Group continues to comply with all recent restrictions and regulations in respect of Russian assets and clients. 

For the foreseeable future Utmost Group will not be accepting any new business from Russian nationals. 

For further information, please contact:

Utmost Group plc

Anne Marie Shepherd, Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs

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